Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Arrival in Lahore

We've arrived safely in lahore after a fun day of travel with Gulf Air. We left the hostel later than planned and missed the bus we'd planned to take to Abu Dhabi to catch our flight. The traffic in Dubai was awful so we ended up arriving at the taxi station late and then ended up paying the 50Ds for a shared taxi straight to the airport.That actually worked out better since the other bus would have passed the airport and then we'd have had to wait for another one to go back 30 minutes to the airport. Like in morocco, you have to wait for the taxi to fill up, but in the UAE you only put four passengers instead of six. It was quite roomy by maghreb standards! We made it to the airport with plenty of time, only to find out our flight had been pushed back three hours. Apparently nobody knew of the time change cause everyone else for our flight was waiting at the airport too. Then a guy was walking around saying 'lahore, lahore!' and telling everyone the flight was going to leave 'early' at 2:15pm. it was originally at 12:50pm, then 3:30pm. We were so confused! We just went to the gate and watched the screen, which now refused to put a time and just said 'early' for our departure. Finally we got on the plane and we were off to lahore! Definitely some of the only ones on the plane, maybe THE only ones with the blue passports.

We arrived and had no problem at customs (my Dirty Dancing DVD was well hidden) and found Anita's mother and driver waiting among the huge throng of people. If we hadn't had someone pick us up this would have been crazy! I remember lots of people outside the port-au-prince airport in haiti, but wow in a city of 7 million there's bound to be at least a thousand just hanging out at the airport.

We enjoyed chatting over tea and samosas with Anita's mom and grandma, had a tour around town, and now i'm trying to write this while talking to the servant boy who is telling me he looks like a movie star. At least that's what i'm understanding....now i'm having a panjabi singing lesson so i'm gonna go!

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Jami Lyn said...

Thinking of you daily, I was telling my sixth graders of your travels, they were impressed not only that you're traveling the globe with a mission and a dream, but that we've known each other since third grade...they now think I'm 'wicked old'. :) Blessings to you every minute, forever in my prayers,

Jami Witherell