Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mmmm Ant Surprise

Ants have become a problem here with the increasing heat. If you leave one crumb of food in the sink you'll have a few hundred ants in a matter of five minutes. You're thinking, no problem, just make sure you always do your dishes right away and clean out the sink. Well that would work if the water ran regularly, but there's a quite a bit of fluctuation in the water supply meaning that you never know when you'll get running water to wash the dishes. So, they stay in the sink and the ants are having a field day.

The other night one of my housemates was eating a Bounty bar (chocolate & coconut) as he went to sleep. He fell asleep with one last bite in his hand. A few hours later, he woke up and felt the chocolate still in his hand. Mmm why not have a midnight snack and finish it off? With his eyes still closed he popped it in his mouth, but to his surprise there was a strange crunch and the candy bar seemed to be moving inside his mouth. He opened his eyes to see his hand completely blackended from the ants which had covered it and spit those little guys right out! His entire bed was covered in ants and he spent the next two hours trying to get them off of himself and out of his room. Lesson learned: don't leave food anywhere near your bed unless you want to be sleeping with them. And don't leave food in your hand unless you want to be getting some of that extra protein ants can provide.

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Jeff C said...

Haha... that's awesome. Not to mention disturbing. I have enough trouble with dreams about crawly things in my bed, let alone the real thing.

When I went to Philmont with the Boy Scouts, we had a trail guide who instructed us in eating ants. He didn't comment too much on the protein, but he did tell us the flavors - black is sour, like lemon, red is hot, like cinnamon.