Friday, June 16, 2006

Five floors of what?

Yesterday I stumbled upon a five floor air conditioned shopping mall. It was full of designer clothes shops, shoes, purses, a giant supermarket, people selling necklaces at little stands in the middle, and not one but TWO Dunkin' Donuts. The place was inundated with crowds of cool young people wearing jeans, shopping, and chatting with their friends. I could walk around without any guys hitting on me or asking for my number. The only thing missing was a full fledged food court with tables to sit down and relax, or benches where you can sit and make a hobby of people watching. As soon as they add benches I'll be there with my a notebook and pen in hand...until then I'll walk the shops aimlessly pretending I'm interested in shoes and designer bags. I can't wait to see what Lahore will be like in five years time...

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Bill said...

I'm tired of having the donuts from dunkin, it's as if it's in my system. But this past Sunday I stopped by for an egg croissant, don't order with sausage!

ps: If you find a Starbucks, go for the Chai Frapuccino