Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bahria Town

Today I went to visit Bahria Town, a new suburb of Lahore. Well the Lahoris seem to know just how to do suburban life. Walking through the streets and parks I thought I was in a wealthy housing colony in South Carlonia. Complete with it's own school, gym, shopping malls, a mini Trafalgar Square, wooden playgrounds, security men on horseback, fountains, street lights, newly paved road, villas, mansions, kids riding bicyles in the street.....and people who don't stare!

The goal of the developers was to make a place where people could live in a "western style" environment at low cost. I'm guessing the rent for a 3 bedroom luxury villa is less than $300/month, but I'll have to go meet with the property developers to find out. There is a trend now that people who can afford it are moving outside the city along the canal where there are many new housing schemes going up. We passed about 15 different ones on the way to Bahria Town, which was about a 40 minute drive from my current flat.

The 8 Marla Villas overlooking Trafalgar Square

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