Saturday, September 02, 2006

When they say rainy season...

They mean RAINY season! When I first arrived here in January, almost every day there was blue sky and sunshine. Then starting in April there was unrelenting hot sun and heat up to 120 degress, in some places higher. Starting in mid-July was the monsoon of "Saawan" (Fifth month of Hindu calendar) and now we are into the serious rain. It's been raining every day for a week, and the garden in front of my place is two feet deep with water. Now I know what they built the building four feet above ground level. Even today I was watching the water rise about half an inch every hour, and as the rain ceases to relent, I'm thinking it might even start coming into my room!

There's no question of travelling anywhere, as all the roads are flooded due to lack of proper drainage systems. Usually when excessive rains comes, even the sewage makes it way back up into the street, creating an interesting aroma in all the neighborhood markets. Here people think of the rainy season as the most romantic time of the year. Bollywood always throws in a kiss during the afternoon monsoon rains, and I've heard that half of the Urdu poetry is based on the month of Sawaan (mid July - mid August). Rain on your wedding day is considered to be good luck and a blessing from the gods. Quite the opposite idea that we have in the states!

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Bill said...

That happens in my small town in Brazil, it is quite enjoyable, except for those that have their houses flooded.