Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dreamin' of chips n' salsa

After almost a year in Pakistan, people have been asking what I miss from the US. While eating my ziti tonight, I thought, "What I really miss is the 5 'F's - fiance, family, friends, food and freedom." The first three need no explanation, but the other two, those I will go into depth on for you.

FOOD - Warning: Your mouth may start watering while reading the following

One of the things I miss most about America is the wide variety of food. Here everything is either spicy (extremely) or sweet (extremely). I do like some Pakistani foods (if not TOO mirchy) like Biryani, kebabs, samosas, and sag, but well my yearly quota for oil, ghee, and mirch was full about six months ago. Recently I've found myself craving so many different foods that are available back home -

Mmmmmm American pizza with real tomato sauce, not ketchup
Meatball grinders from Subway without the Pakistani spices

Chicken Caesar Salad
Boundless heads of lettuce in the supermarket
Cold meat......turkey...ham....normal sandwiches
a full variety of cheese

The DINER in Hadley after Night Watch

Whole grain fresh bread
EVERYTHING from Trader Joe's
Sun dried Tomato and basil Hummus with pita chips
Sesame and blue corn tortilla chips
Spicy tortilla chips
Salsa tortilla chips
Black bean dip on my tortilla chips
Mexican mix kraft cheese on my tortilla chips, dipped in salsa

Coffee flavored soy milk
Freshly brewed hazelnut coffee
Sesame seed bagels with veggie cream cheese
French vanilla coffee coolattas

Cream of broccoli soup in a bread bowl - yes from the Hatch food court
Clam chowder

Macaroni and cheese with the spiral noodles

Baby spinach leaves with blue cheese dressing

Cheese balls
Nacho cheese Doritos
Can you tell I like cheesy junk food?

I'm gonna gain 20 lbs when I come back and then I won't fit in my wedding dress....

And in Amherst -

Antonio's pizza - chicken & blue cheese, mexican, just plain cheese
Wings! - honey mustard & honey barbecue boneless
Sandwiches from the Black Sheep on a french baguette
Anything from Panera
Rao's paninis
and Greg Haughton's pad thai....and spaghetti with sausages! :)

Wow, I'm feeling really hungry right now. If I think of more I'll come with the FOOD part deux post.

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Bill said...

You can never go wrong with food