Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why I Can't SEE my Blog

Many people find it surprising when I told them that I can not see my blog or any other blogspot sites while overseas. When I tell them it is because of censorship, most people assume I am being paranoid. Well, after living in two countries where I've had this problem, to varying degrees, I'm sure that certain websites are censored.

One day the New York Times had an article about the situation of homosexual Muslim men. I could not access this article at all! I could search for it and get the title, but I could not get to the article. I could access all the other NYTimes articles that day. This kind of thing happens all the time. I never know if it's a problem with the net or if it's censorship. Sometimes when I start using a new computer, I can access blogspot sites for a few days. I catch up on all my friends blogs. Then after that, those sites are blocked. They come up as if there is nothing there. When I come back to the US or to Europe I have no problem accessing blogs.

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