Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So I paid $32 for white out!

So I arrived at Duarte's parents house, where I'd had the passport sent, to see that the Consualte "fixed" my visa by whiting out "Visit" and putting "NGO" on top of it. Last time I applied for a visa, they also made a mistake in the amount of time I was allowed to stay in the country. They whited it out and changed it. I went through some trouble with security due to this change. I was thinking, if it was just going to be changed with white out, I could have done that at home!

To their credit, what they did was put a small stamp of the consulate next to the correction. Unfortunately in Pakistan none of the authorities I had to deal with were aware of this practice. Oh well, at least the stamps are there and I have a copy of my NGO visa permission letter. If anyone questions it, I'll just suggest that they call the Pakistani Consualte in NY to check my status.

In other news, Duare and I are leaving soon for the Azores. Apparently we are travelling on the same flight as the Azorean president. Duarte's dad is in charge of brining the president and his entourage to the airport. So I think we'll be travelling with them. Fun!

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