Friday, January 11, 2008

More detail on suicide attack

There was a pretty good article in the Dawn newspaper, a local paper from Pakistan, about the bombing yesterday near Mall Road. It seems like it was quite a gruesome attack.

Read the Dawn article here

We have not been affected by the bombing, but I think we'll avoid that side of town until all this election stuff is over. It would be best to avoid large markets or any areas with a strong police presence.

In the day to day, we are being more affected by the power outages. Apparently Lahore only produces about one third of the energy that we need in this city. We are supposed to have a 30 minute blackout every four hours according to the official schedule, but electricity doesn't usually come or go according to that. We'll have 30 minutes on, one hour off, one hour on, off again etc. It's good to keep things charged and have candles and matches in every room of the house. We were told after Feb 15th it should get better.

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