Saturday, June 07, 2008

Registration of Cars in Pakistan

There are further complications that a foreigner can not register a car in his/her name anymore unless the name shows up in the 'system.' You must go to Farid Court house near Mall Road (Anarkali side) to register a car. The 'system' is apparently made up of anyone who owns property or a business in Pakistan. I have been in Pakistan for over 2 years and come in and out of the country multiple times. My name was not in the system. It only would be if I owned another car or property already. It is no longer possible under the new government for foreigners to register cars in their own names if their names do not show up in the records. The immigration records are completely separate from these records.

Make sure your car is registered under the name of a national who is likely to be in the city you are in and easily contacted if trouble arises. We are putting our car in my landlord's name who lives in DHA and does not travel often. Previously it was in the name of a friend who lives in New Garden Town and can not easily take time off of work or travel all the way to DHA police station. To transfer ownership of the car it costs 1800 rupees for the papers. There may also be extra charges.

Bottom line: Do everything in your power to prevent your car from being stolen in the first place! We have certainly learned a lot from this experience and do not have any desire to deal with the 'justice' system ever again.

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zaina said...

um hey! lol ur car got stolen????? das lyk woah!! nd den sum1 lef it at ur house???????? ppl here r reali crazy!! its nt even safe to leave ur ball in ur parkin place in da house ppl jump in and steal it!!!