Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simplicity of Village Life

When we went to the village last week, I was able to get this photo of a baby in a hammock. She and her mother and brother were just hanging out in the buffalo yard, and at first glance I didn't even see her hiding under the charpoy (rope bed). Notice her dark eyes. Mothers often put eye makeup on little girls to make their eyes stand out. Local people also believe that the hair on the baby's head will grow back thicker and longer the more times it is shaved off, so when chidren are young they often shave their heads. This is done in many places in the world, although my husband assures me that scientifically it doesn't pan out. Anyway, what a cute little girl in her hidden hammock!

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centralasiangirl said...

I just found out that Kyrgyz shave their children's head too...I never knew till I was visiting some friends with a new born...they fortunately don't believe that and won't put their daughter through it. I think the mom was too scarred by going to first day of school as a child too many times with a shaved head!