Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fried Chicken Cheese Balls: Wholesome Snacks?

There is a huge billboard towering over the road on the way from Lahore Cantonment to Defence. The bright red and yellow billboard shows the new Mon Salwa Chicken Cheese Balls that are meant to be deep friend before eaten eaten. At the bottom of the billboard it reads "Wholesome Snacks!" Hello? Does the person who made this advertisement have any idea what the 'wholesome' means? If Fried Chicken Cheese Balls are considered a healthy snack, it's no wonder why so many people in Pakistan have high blood pressure and heart disease before the age of 40.

I saw another funny billboard for the new Media institute opening in Defence:

Excited Career Opportunities!

Of course it should have read "Exciting Career Opportunities!" By using 'excited,' it makes it seem as if the career opportunities are excited about something. In this way, the 'opportunities' are personified and have their own personality.

Why do people spend so much money on advertising and paste it all over town without getting it checked over?


Smorg said...

Fried chicken cheese balls as snack! I suppose the wholesome has something to do with the expected shape of the snackers after a few weeks of staying on this diet, ay? Wholesomely well-rounded... literally! ;o)

Abdul Sami said...

with you on the excited bit... but then again you do get typos all around the world so nothing scary there...

and as far as wholesome is concerned... i think the word they were looking for was 'filling' !!!

Heather said...

Maybe they did mean 'filling,' because 'wholesome' is certainly not the right word.

There are different concepts for different words though. I found that here 'healthy' means overweight and a 'light lunch' will still consist of several hot courses straight out of the kitchen. My idea of a light lunch is like soup or a salad, so it's funny to think of the differences in meaning based on cultural context.

Abdul Sami said...


actually when you wanna call somebody fat and don't wanna use the word 'fat'...the word 'healthy' is used as a polite replacement...

as you may hav discovered in that culture, people do hide a lot of what they really wanna say and use subtle hints :D

and.. secondly... lunch is normally the biggest meal of the day for most people... unless you hav a late dinner.. then that is the 2nd biggest meal fo the day :D