Monday, February 27, 2006

“Reign of Terror” Takes the Skies as Annual Kite Flying Festival Kicks Off

Proposition #144, the shoot to kill order issued by the government, has served to dampen the popularity of Lahore’s latest daytime hobby: violent rioting. On the other hand, Lahoris have now diverted their attention to Basant kite flying, which has claimed two victims before its official start. The casualties, ages 18 and 3 (yes THREE that’s not a typo), were both driving motorbikes when they unknowingly drove straight into the deadly kite strings that serve as Lahore’s version of the guillotine. All the more reason to avoid riding on those motorbikes…

(*The title is based on the French Revolution when decapitation by guillotine was quite popular. They should have just used Basant kite strings. Then they could have done it sniper style. You’re riding on your horse and you think, “Oh look there’s a nice yellow kite flying in the sky.” Little do you know that kite has orders to take off your head! Watch out.)

President George W coming this week...

and we've got Bird Flu in NWFP!

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