Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sipping Chai

Green tea, Lipton, licorice tea, we drink it all day long here. It reminds me of when I spent the holiday season in England. It’s great. I start my day with chai and breakfast, then I get to the office and we have more chai. Mmm if we’re not having chai we’re having delicious fresh squeezed juice. My favorite is the same as in Morocco, “kele ka juice” a.k.a. banana juice. Well I guess au Maroc I had two favs, banana and avocado, but you can’t get avocados here so I’m happy with my kele ka juice. They also make a lot of vegetable juices here, and those are growing on me cause I know they’re healthy!

Anyway, we have lunch followed by more chai, and then a few hours later another juice or another chai. There’s even a 30 minute tea break scheduled into my class with the Turkish guys. They like drinking tea, but not the Pakistani way. They take it black, whereas the Pakistanis take it with hot milk and sugar.

Time for my post dinner chai and biscuits….

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