Monday, October 02, 2006


Yesterday I was watching the movie Lagaan and for some strange reason the subtitles kept on reading "vanilla." After a while I realized that any time there was music it said "vanilla." I don't know about these subtitle writer people, either they having a good time making jokes or they are just clueless. As opposed to most other Hindi movies I've seen the rest of the subtitles seemed to be accurate, so my guess is they were having a good laugh about the vanilla thing.

On a side note, I recommend the movie Lagaan. It is about village life under British rule. "Lagaan" is the annual taxes paid by the villagers to the Raja and the British commanders. The villagers have had no rain and have no way to pay the double lagaan that the British are demanding so they go the authorities to beg for mercy. What ends up happening is that the villagers challenge the British to a game of "kirkut" (cricket) and the story goes on from there...

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