Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Insight on the Election

I gave my students an extra credit assignment to interview their family members and friends about the recent election. It's interesting to see that there are a variety of different political parties represented among the students' families. You can check out their interviews on the Grade 8 English Blog
You can also read some excellent restaurant reviews if you're planning on dining in Lahore.


salman said...

I didn't see post on Model Town Bomb blast on your blog, why is that?

Heather said...

Hmm I can't remember. I wasn't blogging too much at the time as I was really busy teaching Gr 7 & 8 English! We actually felt a bomb blast that day even in Defence, although I think we felt the blast from central Lahore.

salman said...

see that post here

SALMAN said...

i just register your blog to Pakistani blog list at http://bloggers.pk/

i hope that is ok with you

Heather said...

Thanks! I didn't know there was a place to register. I appreciate it!