Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Favorite Kitchen Appliance

My favorite kitchen appliance has got to be the blender. There is great fruit available in Pakistan, but the funny thing is that most fruit I'd rather eat it blended than as is. For example, mangoes. They are so slimy and have this weird texture when you eat them fresh, but if you freeze them and put them in the blender with some milk you'll get a tasty summer drink.

We use the blender at least three times a day in the hot months. Iced coffee, milkshakes, and various healthier smoothie drinks.

For cooking, I also use the blender/grinder a lot when I want to make curries, sauces or soups. Potato spinach soup, broccoli cheese soup. Mmmm. This use of the blender is more for the winter.

This was a random post, but I'm happy to have the blender and excited for the coming summer fruit! Mmmmm

Duarte and I enjoying a strawberry banana smoothie, for about 1/4 the cost it would be in one of Lahore's posh cafes

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