Tuesday, April 08, 2008


In my class this year I asked the students to write emotion poems using metaphors. My experiences with the maid today have prompted this poem

Frustration is
the maid turning your favorite pants different colors in the wash
seeing her cleaning the shelves with insect repellent
when she blames the red coloring on me even though I know she did it
when she has no concept of time and punctuality is a foreign idea
when she drops the dishes behind the stove so you can't find them

Frustration is
when she tells me "all the work is done" (sare kam ho gaya)
and there's dirt all over the car
bird poop on the windows
and dust bunnies collecting in all the corners

Frustration is
when she asks for a raise
despite the fact that she's ruined enough clothes to account for 2 months salary

Mercy is
not getting what you deserve

Mercy is
difficult to have when you're frustrated

Mercy is
something I think God wants to teach me about through the maid!

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