Friday, August 22, 2008

Pakistani Rupee Falls Lower

Yikes! I read on BBC that the rupee is currently at 76.9 to a dollar. Last year it was about 60 rupees to a dollar.

That means, if you make 60,000 rupees, your equivalent in dollars is drastically different from last year.

Last year: 60,000 PKR = $1000
Current: 60,0000 PKR = $779
Difference: $221

Man, that's a pay cut without even being punished!

If you make around 30,000 PKR, that means

Last year: 30,000 PKR = $500
Current: 30,000 PKR = $389
Difference: $111

We need to find a way to earn in dollars and spend in rupees, instead of vice versa.

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