Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Thousand Hot Pokers, or Ten Minutes Late?

My friend Frances posted a link about how she thought this personality test employed spies as her results were so accurate. I wondered, if they did have spies, were they active in Pakistan? So I clicked on the following link and took the normal looking personality test:

This is an excerpt from my description....

"About that "Disciplined" bubble... If someone called you "anal" you would correct them and say, "You mean anal retentive, not to be confused with anal expulsive, which Freud also wrote about." But see, you're like that. You are both meticulous and thorough with everything that you do. If there was ever a person who ironed their jeans or kept a color-coded closet, it would be you. Life as a perfectionist is not so bad. Despite the teasing that you get from your not-as-perfect friends and family, you always know where that CD you're looking for is because of your alphabetized collection. And, you can have a holier-than-thou attitude towards others because you know that you got it going on. People can always depend on you because you would rather be poked by a thousand hot-pointed needles then have someone think that you're a slacker. You are so punctual that you even show up on time for your root canal and wonder in frustration why it is that everyone always seems to be late, including your dentist. Never fear, with your personality, you will always have a career in professions that require extreme discipline, such as Buddhist monk, drill sergeant, or high-wire act." anyone who knows me well can see that they have hit the nail on the head! I do have my jeans ironed and although my closet is not color coded, it is organized by type of material. Before marriage my CDs and books were all alphabatized, but well when two become one it doesn't always stay that way. And yes, I would of course arrive early for a root canal and wonder why the dentist was late. This is ALL totally me. I'll pass on the Buddhist monk thing but the high-wire act sounds more like it. Wonder how those spies know what it looks like inside my closet.

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