Friday, September 19, 2008

Life Goes on in Lahore

Here's us in Lahore, safe and sound despite whatever is coming across in the news nowadays. Really, this issue between the U.S. troops and the Pakistani troops at the border is not having much of any effect outside of the affected areas.

We're doing well. Duarte is busy teaching physics and starting a boys' soccer league for some high schools in the city. I'm having a blast designing ESL curriculum and setting up a post-graduate English Language Teaching course for Ali Institute. I've also started pursuing writing as a part time job and I'm psyched because three of my articles sold this week on Constant Content! It's nice to have some income coming in with dollar signs since the rupee is at about 25% inflation after just a few months. Electricity prices have been raised by 110%, and food prices are going higher every week. Our monthly budget for food used to be about 9,000 rupees; now it is 12,000. When you see Pakistan on the news, remember the biggest problem most people are facing over here is personal financial crisis.

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