Friday, September 05, 2008

Tips for Women Travelers in Pakistan - Part 1

Traveling as a woman in Pakistan is not always easy, but it can be extremely rewarding. As a woman, you'll have access to parts of Pakistani society that most men will never have access to. If you're planning to travel to Pakistan, keep these tips in mind as you travel and plan your journey.

Look out for "Ladies Only" Signs

Segregation of the sexes is much more prominent in Pakistan than in neighboring India. If you're coming straight over the Wagha border, you may find the gender separation a relief after battling unruly mixed crowds in any major Indian city. In Pakistan, you can expect ladies only seats on the bus and ladies lines at ticket counters. This is especially helpful as people usually push and shove while trying to get the counter. The ladies may be more vicious than the men sometimes, especially when it comes to buffet dinners, but generally standing with ladies is more comfortable. At some places, like the post office, the majority of the customers are men. This is great for women, as we can walk right up to the front of the ladies line while twenty men are standing in the queue.

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Kim@Galavanting said...

Great 'part 1', these are good tips.

Looks like you're living life as the adventure it was meant to be.